Saturday, 25 September 2010

Autumn, winter and the flu

(I took off the picture of the little drawing I did, because it was too big for my blog header so here it is, popped into this post.)

Today I woke up pretty early for me right now, half 8, and my god it was FREEZING! This is the first time this year I have had to sleep with a jumper on AND leggins AND shorts AND socks. WTF?! haha It supposed to be autumn, not winter just yet, pleeease. Anyway, I had a pretty brilliant breakfast of porridge w/ honey and apple from the tree next door and a nice cup of detox tea w/ thyme and honey, yummy. I still feel dreadful, like all bunged up and snotty and coughy and blergh. But I have to get sick once this season at least? I hope just once....I don't really feel like doing much today, just sitting in my woolly jumper with some hot tea and music and a book. I have been doing a lot of knitting (well, I've been trying to knit...) recently and I am a third of my way through a scarf. Its gonna be a scarf because thats all a long bit of knitting can really turn into when you can't really knit. :P

I was speaking to my friend from switzerland, David, on skype last night and it was so damn good to see his face again! He is meant to be coming over to stay for a few weeks on the 5th ocbtober but because of medical reasons I don't know how possible this is going to be... Its annoying but I'd reather he was safe and well than coming over in the plane to stay here for ages and get worse. If he does come over, I can't bloody wait to see him!! I miss the guys from switzerland so much. Sarah, David, Marge, Tus, Baptiste and all the others. Hopefully I'll be able to go adn see them for a week at Christmas but money is a problem. Also, I think I'd rather keep the money and spend it staying a little longer in the summer.

Everyone should try out this website :)

Its so much fun haha

Anyway, not much interesting to say really, just passing the time.


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