Friday, 4 June 2010

Last Day

So, this is my last day, and last time writing on my laptop in my flat at university. Halls is now going to be a thing of the past YIPPEE! No one eating my food or bumping my utensils :P No one banging on my door at 3 in the morning, no one stealing my slippers or blanking me in the hallway!! So chuffed to be free of this stupid little boxed in apartment room. I have a lease starting on the 1st of July in a lovely wee house/flat on Perth Rd with 4 of my old medic buddies from the last year :) I can't wait to get there and decorate my room and put myself in my own little place. Its gonna be great. Living with people I actually want to be with and feeling comfortable in place of my own.

Lindsay, my girlfriend, has gone down south for a few days and I don't think I'll see her before downlaod. She wants me to come back to see her un Dundee next week but I have things I wanna do with the family and I think it'd do me good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. However, the bus IS only 30 minutes and I love that girl too much to spend a month away from her company!

I also talked to Chris about the summer and we are definitely going to Paleo, but where we go afterwards is undecided. We both really want to go to India in August but it depends on whether I get my bursary sorted for college and if I have enough money set aside. I also need to go to the doctors and get my jabs and pills which will cost me a bloody fortune. Blergh. I can't believe he is leaving for so long, I'll miss him a stupid amount but I am so fucking happy that he is finally doing what he wants. I hope it makes him happy again.

Anyhoo, must dash. x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


About a year ago I tried to convert over to a vegan diet. I failed horribly at that. I always come up with rediculous excuses and when I think about it I really do want to eat more naturally and animal free. I love cheese, I find it hard to eat out blah blah blah its all an excuse. I honestly want to welcome the vegan lifestyle into my world but I am just too lazy.
I'm gonna have another bash at it I think.

Haircut time today. I am hoping for something a bit different, but short hair is a bastard to drastically change. I have an hour....should really go and shower.

Oh, that rhymed.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Internet in all its glory

Today I found *that photo* of Hayley Williams in her birthday suit. I also came across one of that girl from harry potter in the buff. What has the world come to? I mean seriously, being famous is definitely not all its cracked up to be. I'd hate to be like that, with photos from years in my passed uploaded and passed on via the web to all the pervs in ciber-space. Eek.

I am a pervert. I have been looking at pictures of topless, tattooed women for the past hour... ach well. I would give my left leg to meet Dwam :)

Isn't she BRILLIANT?!

I am getting a new haircut tomorrow, and I really want to have it shaved half off. Just for a new change really. I seem to be going shorter and shorter but its summer so at least I wont get a cold neck. It'll cost me a stupid amount of money but I don't give a damn anymore. Its usually money well spent when I go to the hairdressers.

I am off to the cinema to see Bad Lieutenant with Chris in 10 minutes so should hurry up and write something worthwhile.

I am packing up my things to go back to my parents today and I have SO much crap. I mena, half of it is worthless rubbish and the rest is just pure junk. I would like to be able to live out of one suitcase, and maybe the summer abroad will help me out there. I have one large ruck sack to live off of while I am with Chris. I still don't know where we are going after Paleo, but I think India is number one on the map. Its exciting to think that we are just going to bugger off for a few weeks and spend time in a completely new environment! My college course malarky is working out fine, and I should be able to apply for money now which is ace. After thats sorted I can get on with planning the summer out.

My tattoo is healing nicely and as soon as I have my hands on a working camera I will upload a photo. A lot of people have been asking to see it and Bea, the artist, wants a copy for her portfolio. I think she still needs to sign it and then its finished, at last !! I have so many ideas for more art work to get put on my body but I have not got the funds for it yet...

Today has been a lazy day, I mean apart from scrubbing the oven clean, going to the therapist, packing my junk up, watching L-word, washing my sink and buying lunch. Maybe not so lazy...Spending this much time on a computer must make me a lazy tit though! Hmm..

I'll leave now, hobble on out to the flicks and leave you with a photo for fun.

A x